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Clients We Serve - Those Planning for Retirement

If You Are Nearing Retirement or Recently Retired ...
You Want a Smooth and Tax-Efficient Transition into Retirement

Explore Our Navigation 360 PlanningTM Process To Help Create A Smooth Landing To Retirement

You would like to develop a plan to help you reach your goals for retirement such as to travel or help out with your grandchildren’s education. You may be looking for a way to protect your portfolio from severe market declines. Also, it may be important for you to create a stream of income to last for your lifetime and your spouse’s.

How Can We Help?

Clients nearing retirement appreciate assistance with the following to:

  • Create a plan to transition into retirement. The plan will include any pension or company stock; and whether to roll the 401(k) and other accounts into an IRA.
  • Prepare a retirement cash-flow analysis to develop a strategy to produce lifetime income to maintain their standard of living.
  • Design an investment portfolio with findings from retirement cash flow analysis and with guidance from an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Invest the portfolio using our active investment management, Sector and Style, strategy to help provide growth and manage risk.
  • Engage an estate planning attorney to develop the estate plan. Ensure that the estate plan is consistent with the retirement plan and that beneficiary designations are up-to-date. Also develop an optimal solution to protect retirement assets from long-term care expenses.

What Can You Do Next?

If you would like help to live the life you desire when you retire and to gain greater control over your future, then we invite you to talk to us about the assistance we provide individuals and families nearing retirement.

Contact Scott Showers, Independent Advisor Representative at 989-875-2499 or contact us here.


I am in or Nearing Retirement & Would Like to Review or Put a Plan in Place

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